Twinkle Love S2

  • 情感 真人秀 生活
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  • 每期90分钟

《Twinkle Love S2》详细介绍

  • 影片名称:Twinkle Love S2
  • 状态:20220615期
  • 影片类型:综艺
  • 主持:
  • 影片年代:2022 / 大陆 / 安徽广播电视台农业·科教频道
  • 影片导演:安徽广播电视台农业·科教频道
  • 国家/地区:大陆
  • 每集时长:每期90分钟
  • 语言/字幕:国语对白 中文字幕
  • 首播时间:2022-06-15
  • 首播/卫视:安徽广播电视台农业·科教频道
  • 剧情简介:A reality show about the travels of the 20-year-old and their social activities. The great comeback of boys and girls on the first season, the unprecedented encounter of the ‘00s, the surprising debut of newcomers, upgraded content mechanism… With all these, the essential nature of participants will unfold before your eyes which will become memorable moments! Destinations of enchanting beauty, namely the Island Paradise, Skyland, and Fairyland will provide fresh experience every day. In 15 days, you can experience all the joy and vitality of youth.
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